2021 SCHIATTI advertising campaign clone

What you have depends on how much you want it  


Ready to start, the new advertising campaign of SCHIATTI ANGELO, conceived by the company in collaboration with Briefinglab, a communication agency in the Milanese hinterland.

Constancy, strength, reliability


Are these characteristics belonging only to SCHIATTI or of its customers as well?

The answer is: “to both of them”.  SCHIATTI 2021 advertising is about commitment, determination and the importance of being able to rely on the right tools and the right partners to achieve your own goals. Powerful and optimistic, the company’s message prompts personal action and invites to believe in the relationship of trust between supplier and customer.

The subject


Is it weird the combination between a bodybuilder and a company that designs and manufactures machines for glass and ceramic processing? It might be but only at first glance. The values ​​they share, in fact, are very similar. It is easy to promise excellent results without effort but it is not Schiatti’s policy and, said between us, it is not even very credible in reality, especially if we are looking for lasting results. . Here then is that the comparison between the muscles of an athlete and a successful business becomes increasingly clear: to acquire a solid position in the market, it takes work, perseverance and the right tools.

Schiatti Angelo: a tool for success


But if the customer is the bodybuilder, who is Schiatti?  In the storytelling of this advertising, Schiatti is the necessary tool used by the customer to attain success.

In the image, Schiatti is that handlebar that the athlete holds in his hands, which turns blue when the advertising tells about the Glass division (glass processing machines) and (SPOILER!) will turn red when it represents the Stone division (ceramic processing machines).



For over 50 years on the market, always alongside customers.

The advertising 2021 has in common with those of previous years the thin red (and blue) line of proximity to the customer, the proactivity and reliability of a company that puts its name and history in its words.

In short, you can take Schiatti’s words for it. Especially if your goal is a solid growth

And if both believe in commitment, together we will go far.