Machines for the processing of ceramics

Glass and ceramics: what do they have in common? In Schiatti they rest on a shared base of technology and service; qualities on which the Company...

digital event
The first Schiatti digital event

Trade fairs every year generate business for 60 billion euro and give rise of 50% of the companies export that take part.  Thousands of shows...

1000 ways and 1 to stay with you: let's meet at the virtual fair

At Schiatti we have always thought that being next to you, telling you about our news and answering your questions, was an important part of our...

Meet the Sales Network

Beside the people who work in the company, SCHIATTI also includes an important national and international network of sales agents who, each in their...

designing the machines for the glass processing
Attila Terragni: the red pen engineer

Attila is the manager incharged of the tecnical service and design; he fulfils Schiatti working machines from the blank piece of paper to the machine...

Great news for Schiatti in the 2020 advertising campaign

Something is changing SCHIATTI decided to announce it in its 2020 communication campaign. The operation started this year, between January and...