25 seconds to tell you something important

Have you already seen the video with our wishes for Christmas Holidays?
Nice? Yes, we hope you enjoyed it! But there's much more.

Christmas is still magic

This year we have chosen to wish you Season’s Greetings with an animated graphics video: a real cartoon lasting a few seconds that tells a simple but important story: magic still exists.
In accordance with the Christmas theme, Santa arrives stealthily and gives a touch of magic to the world; what we would like to tell you is that in every circumstance it takes trust and passion, to try to do things well and with a pinch of poetry.

Why is Santa sneaking in and out?

We don't like being among those who do (or try to do something), to be acclaimed for the result. We think it takes humility to try to add something to the world.

You caught us dancing

It is true if Santa Claus represents us, you may wonder why, thanks to the slide of the scene, we find him dancing in the end.
The answers are called: serenity, irony, and good mood.

All those are necessary things alongside commitment, determination, and professionalism, to create the right mix that brings poetry (of Christmas or not) between us.

Ps: did you realize that the tree is in red and blue?
They are Christmas colors, of course, but they are also the Schiatti ones ;)

Best wishes!
We take a break from December 27 to January 5.

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