ADVERTISING 2020 | Second toping


From this question started the evolution pathway we are slowly uncover and that we are sharing with you in this second issue of our advertising campaign.
Very often the most important observations, discoveries, decisions, were born from a question.
Very often the most important and beautiful works of art, take form in the artist’s mind in front of a block of raw material. 
And we had these two elements: technology and materials.
Technology is a consolidated element for Schiatti, which is based on a constant search, experimentation and implementation, but it is also grounded on a solid know-how that has lasted for over 50 years.
“And if our technology could provide the same, good results even used to other materials?”, we wondered.
Be SCHIATTI ANGELO means suggest, assist and supply you the best machinery for the glass processing … and, maybe, not just it.
We have set ourselves one condition: to guarantee you the same performances and the same reliability.


It is the second topic of our advertising campaign 2020.
The transition from the formula to the matter becomes evident, touchable by hand and visible with our eyes. The chains of atoms become solid and distinguishable. And the materials approach and merge themselves in a work of art that has the perfection of a circle in which every single thing fits and have in common one processing technology.