Antonio Mazzeo: from the assembly of the machines to the well-deserved retirement

In 1959, while the Barbie doll made its debut in toy stores in America and the Anti-War Committee designed the symbol of peace, Antonio Mazzeo was born in Italy.

He was only 16 when, in 1975, with flared trousers and the desire to learn, Antonio knocked on SCHIATTI's door, soon earning the trust of Mr. Angelo Schiatti and, therefore, his first job.


What do you remember from that first day?

The gratitude I felt when Mr. Angelo told me that I could start the next day. I was very young and I had no experience; he gave me the opportunity to learn a job and believed in me. For this reason, that day as today, I say THANK YOU.


What did you do in the company?

First I was assigned to the turning and milling area, where I specialized myself in mechanical processing. After about 10 years I was "promoted" to the assembly of double edgers and, after only a year, I left for my first travel trip. Cinzia Schiatti accompanied me to Denmark, where I installed a BFT mini; I still remember it very well!


What did you like most and what less about your job?

I am passionate about electronics, and this is the part that has always involved me most in the assembling phases. Not having attended specific schools, I have always tried to learn from colleagues, in the workshop, experts in this part of the work and studying in the library.


The most complex thing was traveling continuously and for long periods around the world: if on the one hand it is interesting and stimulating, on the other it is very demanding; family support is needed!


Your favorite away match?

Probably the ones that took me to Korea and Japan. They took place several years ago but they taught me a very different vision of the world and things from the Western one and, therefore, very enriching.


Three adjectives to describe you

I am demanding, fussy and blockhead. Perhaps they can be considered both strengths and weaknesses.


Now let's let your colleagues talk about you

"Antonio is a man of great experience. I was lucky to share an important away match with him. I’m sad we can't have him as a mentor anymore. " Andrea P.


“I admire his serious commitment and dedication to work. In my opinion, his feedback and input and the collaboration with the technical office contributed to the upgrade of the machines. Antonio is far-seeing and taught me attention to detail. " Fabio C.


What will Antonio do in retirement?

I will devote myself more to my hobbies: motorcycles and walks, but I also want to study and improve my knowledge of languages.


Do you want to say something to someone?

I want to say thank you, as well as to the company in the person of its owners, also to colleagues and all agents, representatives and technicians, especially from foreign countries where I have travelled and worked and who have always given me all their help. and support, even when - a million times - I lost my suitcase.


“The Schiatti company thanks Antonio for his commitment and collaboration during all these years and recognizes the merit of having contributed to consolidating its image as a competent and reliable company by representing it all over the world. We wish Antonio to cultivate his hobbies and carry out his plans for the future”.