This is the first of the 9 chapters that make up the story of the equally founding values ​​of the SCHIATTI ANGELO srl Brand Manifesto.

The values ​​of our manifesto brand are 9, like the months needed to create a human life. And it is not a coincidence that the first keyword we have chosen to describe our way of being is “family”.

The founding family: SCHIATTI

We often define SCHIATTI ANGELO as a family business, but what does it mean?

From a technical point of view it means that “the top positions of the company are held by people from the same family which, usually, is also the one to which the founder belongs to”.

Yes. We can say that the etymological definition fits. But there is more. Meanwhile, a family business has a face and a name, which changes over the years and through the generations, but which always maintains the characteristics that make that family, and therefore the company, unique.

A family business carries through the passage of time that set of values ​​that belong to it, and which will translate into every choice, gesture, organizational, strategic and commercial approach.

Speaking of Schiatti, these values ​​all revolve around trust, respect for others and the word given, the reliability that everyone must be able to guarantee.

These are the key concepts that give birth to SCHIATTI and that make it, even today, a recognizable brand. Of course, they carry with them a larger constellation of attributes.

Trusting a company also means knowing that it will be a partner committed to constant research and updating.

Feeling respected means enjoying constant and proactive attention that today we call a “customer-centric” approach and so on.

The extended family: the collaborators

These keywords and these values ​​are transmitted not only among the members of the family at the top, but are extended to all those who - every day - make up the company.



In this sense we can say that SCHIATTI ANGELO is an “extended family”, where each member of the team can count on the same reliability and mutual respect that are recognized externally.

This, in our opinion, positively influences the working environment and, of course, the final products and services of the company.

The family of machines

Could it be because we are used to thinking of “families” that we have divided our machines like this?

The fact is that the organization of our products reflects the great divisions of family groups: there are the brothers (straight line edger with round or flat edge, bilateral edger with round or flat edge and so on), but there are also cousins ​​( among the straight edging machines the different AR and RI series, for example).

We know that this is not the only way of thinking and structuring a company, we cannot even say if it is the best ever, but - what is certain - is that it is our way.

In this industrial architecture we recognize and identify ourselves, but above all we believe in it and this is the key to making things last.

In the company, as in the family, you have to believe in it every day and always invest.


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