The journey through the founding values ​​of the SCHIATTI Manifesto is going on.
The ”cornerstones”  number 2 and 3 are experience and awareness, two qualities that have one thing in common: they are obtained with time and commitment.

In fact, “experience” is the knowledge acquired through contact with a specific sector of reality. This is what the  vocabulary says . Over 50 years seems to us a reasonably long period of time to say that SCHIATTI ANGELO makes the experience as  one of its pluses

Experience is reliability
We are convinced that experience comes from reliability because, during such a long period of time which interests the history of our company, we have been compared  ourselves with an endless number of situations related to our work, thinking up innovative solutions and technologies and skills.

Also our approach has changed over the time.

Today we are able to anticipate the customer’s needs, also acting as “consultants” and proposing ourselves in pre and post sales support activities.

Buying experience: the customer’s perspective
What we have learned to be careful about, is the customer experience, which comes not only from the performance of a machine, but which is also the satisfaction of a company (and of a person) who felt understood and followed throughout the purchase process.

This same satisfaction is also the reason why we are incumbent suppliers to many of our customers.

Considering the infinite possibilities of the market and the high competitiveness of our sector, for us, this is an important reason of pride and the confirmation we had the right approach.

Employee experience
The background  we boast belongs to our collaborators. Many of them have been with us for many years: together, we have come through the last decades, learning from each other.

The value of the company in this process is perhaps that of trying (and we hope to succeed) to value everyone so that they choose to work with us for a long time.

The duty of the collaborator is to continue to grow, humanly and professionally, committing himself every day with renewed curiosity and deep commitment.

Value number 3: awareness
Why should it be a shareable value?
To predict success.
A conscious and responsible business strategy derives from an accurate knowledge of the market and its dynamics and manages , as far as possible, to foresee its evolutions.

No luck and no improvisation. Innovation must be planned and can only truly be realized in an environment of constant knowledge and study.

Experience and study lead to awareness
Decisions, both in the field of company organization and in terms of technological advancement on the machinery, are not the result of casual action but, on the contrary, look at multiple factors.

Conscious innovation
An example?

The implementation to ”energy saving”modes on our machinery came at a time when the demand for energy saving was not yet an imperative.

Those who, as we did , have equipped themselves with machinery of this type, anticipated some requests that became mandatory, obtaining a competitive advantage.

The same thing happened when we talk about automation .This process started a long time ago on Schiatti machines, integrating also on existing models, to allow customers who already had them to improve performances without replacing the machinery.

 From awareness to dedication
If the decisions taken straight away are split-second and short-live, the conscious ones are reasoned and lasting.

This harmonizes happily with our company philosophy which has always pursued constant dedication to the customer, proximity to their needs and the study of the best strategies to provide machinery and tools capable of satisfying them, before the explicit demands of the market .

In conclusion
We put all our experience and awareness at your service.  We set great store by it and we are convinced that it has the same value for you too.