The theme of the advertising SCHIATTI in 2014 is efficiency, which can be achieved through modularity.

Not everyone knows that our glass processing machines, perfect on their own, can be even more efficient when combined in a line of complementary machines: a succession of processes able to create a complete glass processing cycle.

Glass In-line machines for a complete cycle

The ADV 2024 contains a virtuous example of the positioning of some of our machines in a complete system.

In this specific scenario, a line of double- edger (two machines connected by a transfer table) has been combined with a loader and unloader with turning table and a 4-head drilling centre.
This is how  it is possible to optimise and automate production by combining central machining with 'collateral' processes.

The advantages of a combined line for glass processing

By combining machines:
- productivity increases because of reduced  downtime,
- precision increases because the machines can be set to work in synergy thanks to automation,
- the work of the operator is simplified, and the operator increasingly becomes facilitator and controller.

We create efficiency brick by brick

You may have recognised them: the modular bricks that we have all used since childhood to build whatever we wanted. We have chosen them to represent our machines because of their modularity, their characteristic of being part of a complex system, creating an unimaginable end result by looking at them individually.

Creating work lines with our machines is really simple: we think about requirements, we design solutions, we achieve goals.

We are always available to listen to your needs and understand together which solutions, simple or complex, are suitable to satisfy them.

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