"When the goal is clear, the path is decided" is our statement, made explicit in the advertising we chose to tell ourselves in 2023.
What do we want to talk to you about? Of the path we have chosen for some time, and which we confirm today too, towards the future.

The innovation track 

A solid machine, which traces a certain track, with a clear light pointing in the direction; this is how we represent our work and our intentions. 
We never lose sight of the historic solidity and reliability of our machines, but we travel safely along a path that is increasingly directed toward innovation and performance. 
While on the one hand we like to be re-chosen because our machines and our services have worked well, on the other hand, our intention and our goal is to provide ever new, ever more efficient solutions, keeping up with the times.
Our R&D department has been exploring topics such as sustainability and automation, designing and proposing solutions that go decisively heading in that direction. 

Automation and customization

Many years ago we started introducing a series of options aimed at automating our machines.
All the basic models in our range can be equipped and customized with a series of options capable of increasing precision, performance and productivity, as well as optimise energy consumption, minimize human error and facilitate routine and predictive maintenance processes.

Sustainability and Circular Economy

The same track that leads to innovation cannot disregard sustainability which is, indeed, an integral part of it: low environmental impact materials, reduced consumption thanks also to latest generation motors, elimination of inefficiencies, closed circuit cooling are only some of the practical examples in which sustainability goes into SCHIATTI machines. 
The circular economy is a way of thinking which, for us, becomes planning and action.

A joint journey to achieve shared goals 

The track of our 2023 visual story rests on solid foundations of trust, safety and performance. This is a a way of working that has belonged to us for some time and is the firm rail on which base the journey towards an increasingly technological and sustainable future. 
If increased productivity intelligently integrated with sustainability is also your goal, we invite you to continue (or embark on) this journey with us.

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