This is the last stage of the journey through Schiatti's founding values.
The last three ones: flexibility, relationship and assistance, emphasize a way of being that has always distinguished us, but also towards which we always strive.We are convinced that shaping modeling ourselves around the market and the customer, while maintaining our identity, could represent the winning choice for every company.

Flexibility is for us the ability to adapt ourselves to the market and its demand flux, but also to easily follow the customer expectations as his request to change in.
You become flexible thanks to the right corporate structure, the organization of your technological resources, the consequent management of human resources and to external relations.

Business flexibility
Schiatti has been in the glass and ceramic processing machinery sector for over 50 years, this involves, among other things, having witnessed significant changes in the market.

Following these evolutions requires careful listening and  prompt consequent reorganization.

For example, the implementation of make-or-buy strategies allow the company to obtain important levels of flexibility of the whole company organization, allowing better management of unexpected economic events and reducing business risk.

Organizational flexibility
Flexibility means adapting to the market, reducing or increasing the production capacity in relation with sudden drops or peaks in demand.

Flexible business
We are willing to change, to evolve, to take risks, to trust partners and suppliers. Our strength also comes  from the talent of our people because the know-how is the rudder that, combined with technology, leads the ship far away.

The fundamental relationship on which we focus is, first and foremost, the one that involves our customers, but it is also that one  with our workforce, the real beating heart of the company.

Relationship with the customer
It is from the attentive listening that the needs and requirements of customers comes up, and we are called to satisfy them.
A good relationship is built only when customers are comfortable and understood; when there is a relationship of trust. However, in a commercial relationship, to make the relationship last many years, a proactive and organized attitude is necessary, made up of maintenance, assistance and continuous proposal of instrumental improvements.

The company's relationship with the workforce
We take care of the people who make up the company trying to establish stable and profitable relationships, which lead to growth and satisfaction.

The relationship between coworkers
We always aim for the greatest possible involvement of our coworkers in the work teams that develop around the machines under construction. When there is a common and collaborative vision, the work proceeds swiftly in one direction.

Service goes on for machines and assistance for people. We are present for our customers both in terms of consultatio and proactivity, and with a maintenance and on-callprogram valid all over the world and very reactive in terms of timing.

Machine assistance
Those who have known us for years also know that our service begins before the sale of  glass processing machines and continues for a long time after installation, accompanying the machinery through its phases: training, routine maintenance and, when necessary, prompt intervention and revamping. Thanks, moreover, to the increasingly optimized remote maintenance tools, we can say that our assistance is being quick and timely for all our customers.

Assistance to people
It is an extended team the one  formed among the technicians that  every time we meet to carry out an installation or maintenance. Ours is a specialized network of carefully trained people, so that they can operate in any situation and in any country in the world, providing the best assistance.

Assistance to coworkers
There is always the need for a careful look inwards, to take care of the solidity of our structure. The assistance to coworkers that, as a company, we try to offer, is a counter that is always open to the needs of everyone, personal and professional.