SCHIATTI promotes sustainability also in the company’s headquarters

We have always told you about energy saving from the point of view of our glass processing machines, how we have achieved significant savings margins, for example by providing high-efficiency motors, using low environmental impact construction materials and much more.

The intervention we are talking about today has to do with an even more "proactive" attitude: the creation and use of renewable energy for our production.

The new photovoltaic system at SCHIATTI


We have recently completed the installation of a latest generation photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Seregno (MB), intended to produce electricity to meet the energy needs of the offices and the production area.

The installation is designed for an average production of 100Kw (110,000 kWh of energy per year) and is made up of 220 high-tech and high-yield modules (Sunpower Maxeon), characterized by:

- Monocrystalline silicon structure;
- Absence of metal grid for a greater absorption surface and better aesthetic result;
- Copper base for greater conductivity and conversion (20% more) of solar energy;
- Anti-corrosion barrier that guarantees excellent performance even after 25/30 years;
- Higher efficiency ratio (energy produced/energy captured) than traditional panels, with consequent lower dispersion of solar energy.

Why we chose photovoltaics


We wanted to make a substantial contribution to sustainability, understood as a virtuous circle of production. This choice is consistent with our ethical project which includes not only environmental measures, but also continuous improvements in welfare in general.

Specifically, with this project, we are committed to:

- Producing clean energy that contributes to the business needs, to lighten and minimize the production impact on the environment;
- Reducing our carbon dioxide emissions and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere;
- Zeroing noise pollution;
- Take an important step towards sustainable production.

We are proud to have taken this step towards an even more ethically green production and we wanted to share it with you also in the hope that more and more companies will make similar choices.

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