Meet the team: Alberto Mariani

When we tell the story of our team, we always end up meeting life paths: young knocking on our door with the hesitation of who just dropped out of school, people with bags full of dreams and ambitions.

Their journey in Schiatti is on the path of training, experience, cooperation, often a tour around the world to follow our machines and our technology.

Alberto Mariani, was born in 1970, under the zodiac sign of twins and arrived at Schiatti 36 years ago, right a his first job.
His first role is the “cut-off guard” and, after a little bit, he becomes lathe operator.
It was typical of those times, to learn a “job” by experimenting in different roles before defining the career and specializing in one direction.

In fact, then the specialization comes as a mechanical assembler, in particular, specialized technician for mounting out straight edging machines.


An episode you remember with particular pleasure?


Mine is a long career and, lucky me, full of good memories. Recently, I was very pleased to be recognized, after more than 15 years, by a customer with whom I had shared the testing of the machine he bought from Schiatti.

In short, it means that it was an important and valuable moment, and also that I have not aged too much!


And from international shows? What do you take home?


The most beautiful was a Glass South America edition, with Mr. Angelo and my colleague Valter Riva in Brazil, from which, I had a lot of satisfaction, from the returns of clients and big interest around our technology.


Who is Alberto in his everyday life?


I’m a positive person: it’s better to make a little joke of the problems , than losing your smile. I get along well with everyone and I really like being with younger colleagues to try to transfer the passion for my job.


Would you change something in Schiatti?


Air conditioning in the factory! I suffer hot temperatures, and I would really like it.


What would you have done if you hadn’t become a specialized technician at Schiatti?


Maybe, I would have been an agent, because I like interacting with people and the direct relationship with the client.


Your passions in free time?


Cycling and running. And then (but not least) the cheering for Torino Football Club. I like eating well and hang out with my friends. But everything comes after my priority: my family.

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