vertical drilling machines - TFV SERIE 3/19 MM

Vertical milling and drilling machines

for the execution of holes and notches

  • The machine consist of 3 independent sections
  • OPEN TOP structure
  • Completely automated
  • The user interface is a wide screen with touch screen panel
  • Conveyor equipped with polyurethane belts with steel wire core
  • Vertical timing belts with a special outer cover manage the glass inside the machine
  • High precision and pressurized electro-spindles (up to 12000 RPM)
  • Drilling process carried out by two opposed spindles
  • Air cooling system
  • The movement of the spindles is carried out using ball-guides and screw which are protected by pressurized coverings
  • The high-precision positioning and driving is carried out using brushless motors
  • Glasses are held in place automatically during drilling
  • Automatic tool changing
  • Program coding can be done by the machine from ISO Editor or modifying the stored library
  • Storing programs in memory
  • Data download/upload by means of USB key or net interface
  • Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
  • Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force

Especially suitable for medium/big glass companies for the production of mirrors, shelves for furniture, laminated glass, table tops, household appliances and doors


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