Glass loader with turn table

The glass loader has been projected and built by SCHIATTI to automatically place glass sheets, positioned on a vertical surface, on the horizontal double edging machine. The whole equipment is composed by a glass trolley, a basement with an horizontal crossbar and swinging arm and a roller conveyor.

The roller conveyor , is controller by a motovariator to synchronize the speed of both the loader and the double edging machine. Two sensors for controlling the glass  presence are fitted to it.

The double edging machine is always more automated

Since a while, SCHIATTI has registered an increase in requests for highly-automated glass processing machines.

The companies’ need, is to increase the use of “smart” machines, that are able to connect with a network to process data and exchange information with other production plants to manage their life cycle.

Automation advantages in glass processing machines

The automation offers an advantage to the operators first, increasing the ease of use and guaranteeing more independence in managing machine stops.

The most clear advantage is, probably, the remote assistance. It means that it is possible, for the technical assistance or the operator, to connect to the machine from other places, in order to act, also in advance, on the production process.

High precision and indipendence with the automatic spindles

The new double edging machine, can incorporate also fully automatic spindles with horizontal movement of the wheel, moved by a brushless motor.

They are really compact and guarantee a centesimal precision in movements that allow the operator to control the process through the PLC.

The technician doesn’t need to manually adjust the desired removal, but he can control the operation through the touch-screen: here, an intuitive display, shows all the spindles of first and second machine.

In this way, the operator can handle the diamond spindles singularly and choose the most appropriate removal of the glass.

Flexibility and Made in Italy

The implementation confirms SCHIATTI trend to match the client needs with tricks that give flexibility to the machine and meet his specific processing requirements.

The turn table, can be put together to existing loaders/unloaders in order to progressively optimize the existing machine, and not only to replace old machines with new ones.

Focus on automation software.

Our automation software is simple, intuitive and flexible.

Its advantages can be noticed on the setting for the processing of single glass sheets, also with different measures. The automatic setting allows also to optimize processing timing, in order to reduce the tool’s wearing and proceed to the wheels’ homing while starting the machine.

This guarantees the resetting of setting times from the operator and it is a warranty of uniformity on processing of the glass sheet.

Barcode: a precious optional

The barcode, helps the loader to identify the glass to be processed.

Basing on the pre-set and reading information, the table can automatically or manually turn. The barcode reader, can be both supplied as a gun system (for the manual reading) or mounted on the swinging arm (for the automatic reading).

Other available options are: the grooving wheel for both the edge and the surface of the glass, and the oscillating spindle for the processing of high-thickness monolithic or laminated glass.

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