GlassBuild 2022: the report

GlassBuild 2022 has just ended and, as a matter of course, here we are to take stock.

What you "take home" from the Fairs, for us, is not just a list of new contacts, negotiations and orders, but a more or less strong feeling of satisfaction, as well as the pulse of the current situation in our sector.

GlassBuild 22, in particular, is located in a country (Las Vegas, America) and in a historical moment (post Covid) that could have caused a slight undertone, however it was able to surprise us.


GBA told by our US agent DeGorter

We wanted to tell you about it with the voice of Pete DeGorter, SCHIATTI US agent who was with us.

“After the last couple years dealing with issues from pandemics, to labor challenges, and supply chain issues I can’t say we went into GlassBuild 2022 with the highest expectations.  However, we were blown away by the support and a feeling of an industry standing together as one.  It makes perfect sense looking back, we have made it through all these challenges together and a sense of normalcy would have our industry feeling stronger than ever. 

Aside to the momentous occasion of celebrating our 100th anniversary, which was another remarkable feat of support from our partners new and old where close to 200 people joined us a TopGolf, Las Vegas.  GlassBuild 2022 was truly the most fun exhibition I’ve experienced in my 15 years in our industry.  While we won’t know all the results for time, the prospects and conversations with current partners leads us to believe we’re moving in 2023 with momentum.” 


GBA's “hot” topics

As for some time now, automation, energy saving and industry 4.0 have been on the agenda: arguments that cannot be ignored when talking about any machine and technology.
SCHIATTI was not caught unprepared, working on the implementation and enhancement of these aspects even before they became a must.

To exemplify themes and performances, at the fair, we brought our SME10, straight edger for the processing of flat edge and arris, mitering from 0° to 45° with cerium oxide polishing on the edge and chamfer, able to guarantee performance and safety and customizable with multiple optionals able to adapt it to different needs.

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