SERIES FPS 3/20 mm

Straight grinding machine

for processing of the flat edge and arris -45° mitres – cerium oxide polishing on the edge (FPS15S7 – FPS15S9 – FPS20R)

  • Conveyor–track composed of rubber pads with six bearings, fixed to a chain that glide along steel guides
  • The conveyor doesn’t require continuous lubrication
  • Automatic adjustment on the thickness to be worked
  • Independent adjustment of the diamond wheels
  • Automatic adjustment of the polishing wheels
  • Double speed motors for polishing wheels
  • Possibility to work both with liquid and synthetic cerium oxide
  • At the inlet of the machine a device allows the operator to increase or decrease the glass removal up to 4mm without the need to adjust the diamond wheels (except mod. FPS10 e FPS15S7)
  • Input and display of the working parameters on PLC
  • Close–circuit water cooling system
  • Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
  • Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force

Essential and easy to use, the machines produce quality finishing. Especially suitable for small and medium glass companies for the production of mirrors, shelves for furniture, laminated glasses, glass tables and stairs.


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